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Our new ‘Rate & Remember’ wine app is now available for free downloading.  The new app will make it much easier to remember the wines you love during any of the Grand Tasting sessions at the 2019 Wine Expo.  Here is how it works:
  • Download the new phone app by searching for ‘Wine Expo Vins’ in the App Store or Google Play.  Then click to set up a new account (so you can keep track of your favourite wines);
  • When you’re attending the Grand Tastings, the app will show all wines available sorted by booth number.  Click on any booth number to see the wines that will be presented at that booth;
  • Each wine will be shown along with pricing and other information.  If you wish, you may click on the wine you’re interested in to get additional information;
  • Each wine will show a three-star voting system and what will appear to be a ‘My List’ basket.  If you like that wine, you may choose to give it one, two or even five stars (if you really loved it). However, you should only put it in the ‘My List’ basket if you are serious about buying the wine, either now or in the future. Note that you may love a wine enough to give it five stars, but if it is more expensive than your normal price range, you would not put it in your ‘My List’ basket.
  • Once in the on-site Alcool NB Liquor Pop-Up Wine Shop, you can use the app to easily access your ‘My List’ basket list of wines. Or click ‘My Ratings’to see any of the wines that you awarded stars to;
  • If a wine in your ‘My List’ basket is sold out, don’t remove it from the basket.  That way we can notify you in the future if NB Liquor brings more of that same wine into the province!

We hope you love this new app.  For many attendees, this app will replace the need to carry around the paper booklets and pencils of the past.  A reduced number of those booklets will still be available, but we believe this new app will be much more useful in helping you ‘Rate & Remember’ your favourite wines.